The Process

The Process of Making Bioplates / Palm Leaf Plates

Our manufacturing process is quite simple and 100% benign in terms of energy consumption and negative impacts on the environment. We wash the leaf in water and heat press it to the correct shape (this also sterilizes the leaf).
This is what makes our products different from other eco friendly disposables. Earthens products are totally natural. No pulp, no starch, just a washed and pressed leaf.

Palm leaf plates widely known as Bamboo Plates
We start by collecting fallen leaves from plantations—no trees are ever cut down to make our foodware. The leaves are then brought to our factory, where they are sprayed with high-pressure spring water, steamed and UV sterilized. Over 80% of the water used is recaptured and reused, and the entire manufacturing process uses just 10% of the energy used in recycling.
The palm leaf itself varies in thickness from 2 to 4mm, as well as in colour and pattern, so you will find that our products vary in thickness, colour and pattern too.
What comes from the earth and becomes a leaf on a tree, get shaped, appreciated and then returns to the earth again.
Our plates fall off trees!!