EARTHENS is a brand owned by EARTHENS Pty. Ltd.

The Begining EARTHENS was started by Ashima and Nilesh in 2012, inspired by their childhood experiences in native India and the increasingly green lifestyle they saw around them. Nilesh often visits Indian villages away from his urban lifestyle to feel its simple and sustainable living- long walks in abundant millet fields, drinking cool fresh water out of a well, and eating meals on leaf plates! Once on a business trip he went to South India and came back with some plates & bowls made from palm leaves. He showed those simple biodegradable plates to his sister-in-law Ashima during her India visit. This started Ashima on a journey to refine what she saw that day into a stylish, durable and truly environmentally-friendly line of single-use dinnerware.

The Project:The project is quite simple. India is a rapidly developing country but some rural people find it difficult to find a rewarding job. Earthens is founded on the belief that these natural, sustainable, elegant and stylish products could help change the lives of the people who make them in rural India as well as helping to reduce non-biodegradable waste going to landfill in Australia.

Being an Australian resident Ashima aware about its high set design and quality parameters. Her belief that it’s possible to combine high design with the highest standards of environmental responsibility, Earthens now redefines what stylish, sustainable and compostable disposable dinnerware can be. Thoughtfully and beautifully designed, Earthens offers a chic touch of nature to each table. Sturdy and versatile, Earthens is lightweight yet durable and stands up to hot foods, hot/cold liquids, the hot sun and can even used to bake in the oven (350 degrees, for up to 45 minutes), store in the fridge and reheat in the microwave (on high for upto 2 minutes). Since Earthens are all-natural – made from only fallen leaves, steam, heat and pressure, there are no concerns about plastics, glues, lacquers, veneers or any toxins to leach into foods.


‘Goodbye Thermocol, Plastic and Paper!’ should to be a new line for your parties.