EARTHENS is a brand owned by EARTHENS Pty. Ltd.

So can I dispose off the used foodware without causing any harm to the environment?
Are Earthens Bioplates truly green?
How are Earthens Bioplates made?
How strong are Earthens Bioplates?
Are Earthens Bioplates recyclable?
Do I need to wash the products before use?
Can I use regular cutlery with Earthens Bioplates?
Do Earthens Bioplates hold liquids?
How does Earthens Bioplates react to heat?
Is it safe to put Earthens Bioplates in a microwave, oven, or fridge?
Will these affect the taste of my food?
Are these clean? Do I need to wash them before I use them?
Are Earthens Bioplates completely non-toxic?
Isn’t shipping your product from India energy inefficient?
How does Earthens ensure its manufacturers adhere to human rights standards?
From where do you procure your products (get the leaves)?
Why does each of the plates/ bowls/ tray look different?
Are they single-use/disposable? (They seem so durable)?