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chart Products are considered to be biodegradable if they break down into mostly water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter within six months. Depending on the material, the process can occur in different environments, including soils, compost sites, water treatment facilities, marine environments, and even the human body. Many products that claim biodegradability actually require chemical agents to initiate the degrading process.

wedding-orders Compostable is a step above biodegradable. Compostable products rapidly biodegrade and disintegrate, releasing valuable nutrients into the soil, without leaving behind any toxic residues.

birthday-parties A renewable resource is one that can be continually reproduced. The time span for each raw material to “renew” itself can be annual, like a harvest, or as a long as the human lifespan, such as the case with lumber.

parties Sustainable production meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

parties When we reference chemical-free, we mean there are absolutely no chemicals, glues, lacquers, or bonding agents.

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